To have active participation in the market is not the only work that an organization should have in its business plan. Every day more and more companies are created, which oblige already established to create a differential of importance. There, CSR acquires the most important role.

When a company has among its guidelines a philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility, it automatically converts it into a leading organization that serves as a source of inspiration for clients, collaborators and even competition to position their work, providing recognition and the most important sustainable development on their profitability.


It is not enough to just have a stamp or a certification that approves your brand or your organization as socially responsible. It is important to recognize that to consider your company as one that integrates those that move under the Corporate Social Responsibility it must have;

What your organization must fulfill to be socially responsible


  • Respect Human Rights
  • Guarantee freedom of work and prohibit child labor
  • Adopt measures that work for the environment
  • Encourage honest work and work against corruption.


However, it is more logical to think that these conditions should be those that all companies or brands should have minimally to be constituted, not to obtain such appointment as responsible organization.


In this way, it is necessary that the brands have a real and constant commitment with CSR actions. It is a mistake to think that corporate social responsibility are philanthropy actions that seek to transform companies into foundations or non-profit associations, on the contrary, the function of being socially responsible seeks to empower the economic sphere, generate greater profitability and be sustainable .


That’s why Before Communication is increasingly committed to CSR because we seek to be an integrated digital agency and help brands like yours to be too.


Dayanna Ávila 

Digital Content Analyst