A digital agency is in charge of developing websites, optimizing SEO, creating content, managing social networks, sending mass mailings, implementing digital campaigns among other services.

In Colombia, digital marketing has become a necessity for all companies that want to be closer to their customers, Bogotá being the capital has been a pioneer in the growth of digital agencies, which have brought success to companies and entrepreneurs who see on the web a growth opportunity.

A single person can not perform all the tasks that are performed within a digital agency, this is because digital marketing cross different disciplines in which different professionals are needed such as graphic designers, programmers, digital analysts, experts in SEO, community managers, web layout, web editors, etc. Each of these roles have specific responsibilities in the services offered by the digital agency, which guarantees the success of the clients ‘projects. In short, a multidisciplinary and professional team is necessary to meet the clients’ goals.


Why hire a digital agency?

When you hire the services of a good digital agency you are assuring the constant growth of your company, this is because with their professionalism and experience they will advise you so that from the first step your project is directed to grow fully.


For example, you hire a digital agency with the purpose of having a website for your company, after this stage they will show you the need to have Internet advertising to extend the message of your company, then they can suggest the design of your website and so on. Successively until having an online presence positioned and strong. In short, the digital agency you choose should always be the best support for your company, they should be aware of your business needs and advise you in the best way so that your business has excellent results and can grow constantly, and although it seems simple, this may be is the most important reason why hiring a digital agency, knowledge and dedication has a price. When you hire a digital agency to develop your project you should know that learning will be present every day.


The multidisciplinary professionals will be in charge of the development areas of your project, therefore you will have direct contact with each of them, a situation that allows you to expand your knowledge, since, as an agency, you will always seek that your clients understand what each service is for and how the actions that are implemented influence the success of the established goals.


Paula Cruz
Intern Before Communication