The Internet world is a new and changing environment for companies, where you must have at hand the best tools to develop a successful digital strategy if you want to take your projects to the maximum and to be at the forefront in the current market.

For any company it is necessary to adapt new forms of user behavior, the Internet is the channel where people currently seek all the information they need for their day to day. A good digital strategy will allow you to reach out those people, if you do it in a proper way that audience will end up consuming content that you provide about your services or projects. A very good example of a great digital campaign was the “Ice Bucket challenge” developed by the ALS Association, they created interactive content with the users so they understood the message of the campaign and shared that information to have greater reach.


Digital marketing can be something very new to many people and companies, however that doesn’t mean that it is not important; in fact, it is considered that is a necessity to be at the forefront. Therefore, in order to implement a successful digital campaign or digital strategy, to have the knowledge and being prepared is absolutely necessary to be able to carry out these strategies.

What kind of tools can be used in a digital strategy?

We can find different tools for digital strategies that can be very useful, some of them:


Something very important that is not well known is the positioning in search engines (SEO) we usually use it in the corporate blog use by creating quality, interesting and creative content that makes users share that information, external pages can link your blog and thus, search engines will give you a more privileged position in related searches.


The digital strategy is an opportunity to grow your business in an integral way, generating a community of people that know and consume content related to what your brand does, give yourself the opportunity to take advantage of this tool at the hands of experts. In Before Communication we want to help you to enter in this new adventure of the digital world.



Wilmer Bolívar
Digital Content Analyst