The commerce, communication and the way for doing business have changed a lot thanks to the arrival of internet.  To Adapt and search for the best tools will allow you to excel in front of the competition and one of those valuable tools is email marketing.

Email marketing is basically the way to send emails to a defined group of contacts; it is a direct strategy of marketing and communication to your customers, users or subscribers. The main idea of ​​email marketing is through the inbox of emails promoting the message of the company to customers.


There are several tools within email marketing that can optimize the process in many ways, such as newsletters that will help your customers to be regularly informed of your new services, offers or other announcements that need to be known.

What are the advantages of email marketing?

  • Higher level of loyalty with your customers
  • Very low cost
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Potentially viral content
  • Concrete statistics


You have to know that direct communication with your customers is necessary, but not always the people are willing to answer an incoming call or anything that needs an immediate response. Email marketing offers to users the opportunity to enjoy the information at the time that they want, most likely in their free time and increase the chances of making a purchase effective or at least increase the traffic on your company’s page.

In short, you should not miss opportunities to improve your strategies with your clients, look for new ways, and inform yourself and act. The digital world changes quickly so having the backing of experts is absolutely necessary, you have to be prepared. We know that communication is everything and it is important in our company, so Before Communication is always there to provide you with advice and the best service.


Wilmer Bolívar
Digital Content Analyst