To ignore the power of the content management in a digital brand strategy has become recently in the Achilles’ heel of many organisations that want to have a brand positioning in the web to believe that the online content creation is sent to information without value added.

It is a great mistake to think that the way to communicate and to exchange information and knowledge your brand in the traditional way, is the same that is needed to establish an assertive process of digital communication with your audience; communication that it must include from the diffusion of a message, a constant flow of this one and the feedback of the same one.


To know exactly what is the content management, it could help you to understand the importance of value content for your organisation.


What is Content Management?


This term has its origin with the appearance of Internet and the information digital society, which one does relation to:

“all the processes involved in the aggregation, transformation, cataloguing, association, authorization, presentation and distribution of useful information for our intentions”, according to Roberto Canales Engineer and Professor associated in IE Business School.


It is necessary to clarify that the previous definition is the most accurate to specify from the digital purposes of our agency what is the content digital management, since the term includes many tasks and functions that are divided in the informatic world and the communication.


If we already know that the digital information management is used to create value content and useful for your brand (in an online environment it is realized by means of digital tools) also it is important to know that the form in which we manage the content can affect us in a positive or negative way in:

  • User experience
  • Our position in search engines (SEO)
  • Interactivity in social networks
  • Image and credibility
  • Expectation in service and product
  • Effectiveness in the purchase


We are looking for as digital agency that the previous factors in your organisation have the appropriate success and projection. We think about how to coordinate, help and supervise material that contribute to the real value to the message that you want to show to your clients. Content created under a correct digital strategy and the adaptation of this one to the needs of your target.


Keep in mind that all the information located abroad of your brand can be potentially excellent, but just if it appears in an accurate way.


Dayanna Ávila                                                                                                                                                    Digital Content Analyst