Coronavirus: Business Digitization in Quarantine

Certainly, the coronavirus has strongly impacted the world economy. In Colombia, some MSMEs companies, informal businesses and young entrepreneurs have been the most affected with the crisis. However, in difficult times, there are new opportunities to carry out improvement and changes within the organizations, and one of these opportunities is the business digitization.

However, to say that this difficult situation that the Colombian economy is going through is entirely due to the coronavirus pandemic, would be an excuse to cover the disorganization that exists within some companies and businesses, particularly in processes of customer acquisition, customer loyalty and sales.

Due to quarantine, many entrepreneurs and traders around the world are changing the traditional way of doing business, since they were forced to create improvised strategies and processes to work remotely and digitally; and so, not stop operations, give employees peace of mind and reduce the impact of the coronavirus on their income.

Likewise, the desire to adapt the companies to reality by some entrepreneurs is becoming evident. For instance, restaurants are implementing home delivery services through mobile apps, gyms are offering live classes via social networks and other types of companies that simply started a forced business digitization in quarantine time. This is positive; nevertheless, without proper advice and prior work it will be very complex for any kind of business to obtain good results.

Basic Steps to Start a Successful Business Digitalization in Quarantine Time

As previously mentioned, in the midst of difficult times there are new opportunities for improvement and change, one of these is to review the digital management that was carried out in the company before the coronavirus and the one that is expected to be implemented once everything returns to normality. At Before Communication we recommend to have:

1. An original, attractive and simple name and visual identifier (logo)

The visual identifier makes customers recognize the brand, its products and services.

2. A website with communication strategies

The website is the company on the Internet. It is linked to internal and external processes and works as a detailed portfolio that can be easily sent by any existing digital channel.

3. An understanding about the implementation of communication strategies on social networks

Social networks are free to access and use, just as the Internet. However, they are not free because there is work behind them, either organic or scheduled.

4. A business mentality about investing

To understand the investment in terms of time, knowledge and money is essential, because investment makes companies grow and innovate.

Lastly, the message is to invite entrepreneurs who are being affected by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus in order to: take advantage of the quarantine time to start and invest in the digitization of their companies, have a business presence on Internet, observe the new technologies as a solution and thus be more competitive and at the same time, help in the growth of the new economy that Colombia will have.

Case of Success During Quarantine

Donde Rafa Comidas Rápidas y Parrilla, one of our clients and a case of success for Before Communication, works with his website as its digital menu and as a contact channel to attend all its client orders.

Before Communication Team