In the internal framework of a company, communication processes are often used in one direction by human resources departments. That is why we must use tools and techniques so that the organization can position and activate a different idea within its employees.

According with Carlos Fernández de Collado, author and writer of several books on the topic of organizational / internal communication, there are 4 great needs of collaborators around the communication that is generated in an internal environment within your company.


The need for information (knowing what happens on a day-to-day basis, with the operational process and decisions)

The need for identity (knowing the values ​​and objectives of the company and feeling aligned with them)

The need for integrity (identifying the position of “one” around the company, with its processes and tasks)

The need for the image  (formulating a perception about the brand or company, and to feel satisfied with it).


In this way there are some simple but effective ways to use email as a communication and internal marketing tool:


As a feedback of the most important news: for responding to the needs f information, you can issue a short statement with the most important of the day or week.

As an activator of feelings and emotions: for responding to the needs of identity, you can structure an email with an interesting or inspiring story of the company (storytelling) that elevates the “feel” of your collaborators.

As a reminder of the important documents and links: for responding to the needs of integrity, an informative email will serve to have on hand and keep as important  workflows, documents or processes of the company.

As a driver of opinions: for responding to the needs of image, an interactive campaign by mail can help you collect general opinions, using the mail as a node to an online survey.


Thus, we can use email as a good tool beyond traditional use, and what is better is that little by little the brand of the company can be positioned among employees as an entity open to communication.


Paula Cruz
Intern Before Communication