Today, September 30, we celebrate the international day of one of the most beautiful, cultured, important and oldest professions for people and companies worldwide: Translation Day. For all translators in the world, this date commemorates the death of Saint Jerome, who was the translator of the Bible. But, why has translation been so important in the history of mankind?

There is no doubt that translation is around us all the time, in the books we read, the series we watch on Netflix, and in the latest trends in technology as the applications we have in our smartphones. All of the above highlights the true importance of translation: Globalizing knowledge and information.


That is why today, translation is more relevant than ever in companies, since the profession itself, is linked to all technological advances and requires to the business world to be at the forefront with regard to the transfer of information, knowledge, and use of technology in different languages.


Thanks to translation, the information has been communicated and spread from many years ago, as happened with the bible which has been translated into more than 2000 languages and is the most widely read book in the world.


Unlike those times, currently accessing the information is much easier, however, it must be worked at a global and professional scale to get the best results at the business level, and it is here, where the translator makes magic because  is who help to share the knowledge and the information to the mankind.


So, happy translation day for you translator and for all translators of the world, and thank you, thank you very much for that beautiful work that fills with culture and much more, the lives of people and companies in the world.