To create a visual brand identity represents one of the most important objectives for a company if it wants positioning itself and to be successful on the market. The image that transmits its public turns into a vital factor to communicate how it wants to be perceived by its audience.                                                                              

In this way, visual brand identity or corporate identity is defined as the set of signs and graphic elements that reflect the essence, characteristics, values and company philosophy, which create the coherent, consistent and unique visual personality in a brand in order to leave a lasting impression in its public.


To consider the corporate identity to be an esthetic objective for a brand, it is to incur an error because it can take your current place in the market, the creation of a visual brand identity must be seen rather as a strategic objective that affects positively the way we communicate internally and externally in the company.


Considering that we already know what is the corporate identity, then we are going to find with major detail what is the importance of the visual Brand Identity and those benefits that arise with the creation of an appropriate corporate image.


Why should you have a visual brand identity?


  • It gives recognition: which means that the clients could differentiate your brand of the direct competition. ¡A great advantage in the market!.
  • It offers to you an excellent reputation: the visual identity is the initial presentation of your brand, a correct corporate identity will impact enormously in your potential clients and they will be able to communicate it in this way.
  • It creates an emotional bond: from the point of view of the client, a strong identity to believe a sense of belonging and trust.
  • It offers to you a strategic vision: to know the image that projects your business, it helps you to establish operational strategies and to execute opportune changes.


If you procure to define an appropriate corporate identity and this one is consistent with your intentions as brand, there will be several aspects that will have benefits in short, medium and long term.


Remember that we talk about the visible face of your company, what you are, the visual way of how you sell your it and what is judged at first. Do not allow that this turns into an obstacle to accomplish your brand objectives, with Before Communication your visual identity will be a transcendental resource to achieve your success.


Dayanna Ávila

Digital Content Analyst