The world is getting faster, every time more connected and people are becoming more demanding. During the last few years, we have seen how digital content has radically changed  due to technology, Internet and internationalization processes of companies.

The fact of having our content in different languages increases the visibility on google,  developing sale opportunities and making easier the internationalization process. On the other hand, we will improve the positioning of our website which gives us the option of being able to segment the audience that we want to reach. By translating the web site, the image and the brand will be noticeably improved, with this we can achieve a greater expansion of our business by being able to reach a larger audience and above all, and the most important one, will have greater benefits for our company.

These effects have an impact not only outside the company but also facilitate communication between clients and workers, since the vast majority of the information that potential clients from other countries may wish to know are easily found on the company’s website or in their different social networks, which in turn achieve that the contents are global and of general interest,  is to say that today the consumer can decide what to see and what not, what to consume and what not and also has the option to share content and to comment on it in any language.


Paula Cruz
Intern Before Communication