The advantages of social networks in companies improve collaboration, as they can streamline collaborative work, especially in large companies with headquarters in different regions or countries, facilitating the exchange of information between departments and within them. There is the importance of organizational communication in social networks.

In the internal level, some companies create private groups, which works as an intranet, to share corporate information. Platforms like Facebook or Twitter, allow the creation of communities, both open and private, on professional issues that can influence the competitive improvement of organizations, and this reinforces the commitment of employees. Social networks can be used to establish and improve the dialogue with employees and reinforce the perception of belonging to the company, promoting loyalty and enhancing the sense of belonging, these can also be useful to generate a space for interaction with all members of the organization opening roads for innovation, product improvement and promotion.


On the other hand, communication with the customer is radically improved as companies can also use social networks to make public their news and open communication channels to understand the concerns of their customers. Through these, companies will try to interact with users, address their complaints, suggestions and can allow to promote products and services, creating communities of followers through contests or promotions. So, that is the importance of organizational communication in social networks.


Paula Cruz
Intern Before Communication