Policy for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing – AML/TF

In Before Communication, business policies are managed like this AML/TF Prevention Policy, which reflects the legal commitment the agency has to the development and socioeconomic growth of Colombia. Likewise, this policy is transversal to the fulfillment of strategic goals and protects the image and reputation of the brand before any kind of risk.

In order to comply with all the norms and regulations contemplated in the Colombian and international laws, Before Communication is committed to:
  • Do not carry out negotiations with unjustifiable economic benefits and returns
  • Do not involve the agency in financial transactions of third parties.
  • Keep record and evidence of all financial transactions made by the agency with customers and suppliers.
  • Carry out a consultation process in sanction lists if there are suspicions of any negotiation.
  • Report any suspicious activity related to money laundering and terrorist financing to Unidad de Información y Análisis Financiero – UIAF.