The official translation is one of the most important tools for companies; it is much more than a simple translation. This kind of translation is a complete and reliable process made by a translator with a degree or master’s degree; it guarantees a good job with the important documentation.

Official translators are those that have a specific seal that certifies them as translators, while professionals can give you benefits that are usually not well known but very important, since these are endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, which guarantees that the translation is valid as a document abroad. The results by a translator with academy and certificate in the field are an advantage that you can use when you need a translation service.

What kind of translation can a professional translator develop?


  • Financial and accounting translation
  • Legal and legal translation
  • Websites translation
  • Literary translation


It is quite the variety in which an official translation can be used. In the same way the professional translators are ready to develop their job in the market with referring languages ​​such as English and Portuguese etc. Translating and presenting your message to new fields in other countries is very important for any project, communication is the essential tool we have to make that the world knows what is that we want to show them.


It is not advisable to leave the translations in the hands of empiricism, it would be ideal to give that kind of activities to the most qualified and capable people to perform this task. In Before Communication the translation service is focused on all the above, on certified, official translation, and translation studies . The service offered covers predominant languages ​​in the market, making translations like:


  • Spanish-English, English-Spanish
  • Spanish-Portuguese, Portuguese-Spanish
  • English- Portuguese, Portuguese-English


In conclusion, the official translation made by capacitated people is one of the best tools for the current market, It is not only for documentation also it is for other important factors such as content management, websites in different languages ​​can help the positioning of the brands that are struggling day after day in achieve their goals. At Before Communication we understand the importance of communication and that is why we offer you our quality services.


Wilmer Bolívar
Digital Content Analyst