The market, the current needs of customers and digital media have generated changes in the way businesses and brands relate to their audience, establish purchasing processes and maintain loyalty processes. Thus, digital transformation becomes the best strategy.

To make the decision to implement a digital transformation in your business is to guarantee your positioning in the digital world, expand your business horizon as a brand and invest in short, medium and long term benefits that will be reflected in a larger number of clients, growth of one virtual community and a good reputation among your competition.


It is transforming your business into one that really meets what the market requires and does not improvise in the quality experience that your client must have when they want to receive a product or a service.

Why implement a Digital Transformation strategy in your brand?


  • It allows you to communicate to the world what you are as a brand, what you can offer and what makes you different. The above in a clear and structured way.
  • You take advantage of different resources, exactly, the digital channels to position and give recognition to your business in a world that is immersed in the technological era.
  • It generates benefits from the simplification of internal processes of your company as to give order and structure to related external processes.
  • Obviously improves the communication and interaction of your business with customers, providing greater ease in contact processes and quality information available to them and future businesses.
  • With a strategic digital communication under a digital transformation strategy, the objectives you propose as an organization can be achieved in a shorter time with a positive impact on the resources and personnel in charge for those purposes.  


Additionally, many organizations have implemented a digital transformation strategy because of this they can receive another series of benefits that respond to more specific needs and problems in a brand that is present in the network. For example: benefits in the data measurement and analytical processes taken from the management of networks for future decisions; the orientation to new markets through digital channels; analysis of the behavior of its audiences according to managed digital media, etc. 


To make strategic communication work by digital media can be the big problem of many organizations that believe that the consolidation of a brand in the digital world does not require more effort, much less a strategic plan.


Remember that everything what you do in your brand must be supported under parameters of cost and benefit, that the actions taken must be supported and carried out under a model and strategic plan that allows us to successfully reach our aims as organization.


In this way, we as an agency that wants to approach the digital transformation, we are willing to give you these and more benefits in the process of immersion and positioning of your organization in the digital world. Do not let your image and digital presence become a threat and a disadvantage to your competition, Before Communication is here to help you.


Dayanna Ávila 

Digital Content Analyst