For some time, the presence of brands and organizations in the digital strategy world has increased considerably. At present, leading companies from different industries are integrating digital and social platforms in order to make themselves known continuously.

Digital and social platforms such as websites, microsites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, among others, that used to be exclusively focused on traditional media.

Today, within the global marketing strategies of any company should include a very important aspect, we are talking about the digital environment, which should be an integral part of business plans.


Benefits of  Digital strategy:


  • It is the starting point for all the communication of the organization.
  • Define the general communication objectives.
  • Must be aligned with the objectives, mission, vision and values ​​of the company.
  • It is the instrument that allows identifying the correct channels to position the brand.
  • It is the guide that will allow you to receive a return on your investment in digital.


The aspect that we must take into account mainly is the content we want to share, since it is the key to a successful strategy. We can not share whatever, we must be clear about what we want to communicate and what our audience wants to consume. Not all content is valid, not every way to publish works and publish at any time will not work either, this is why the importance of analyzing our environment as a first step.

We must create a specific content strategy, choose which is the best content for the target audience, identify what they would like to know about our brand and what their needs are.

It is not only important but also necessary to immerse ourselves in the digital environment with good strategies in order to be successful from the beginning and meet our objectives now and in the future.


Paula Cruz
Intern Before Communication