More than 90% of decisions people make when purchasing a product or service begin on the most important Internet search engine: Google. This indicates that consumers first carry out a search on the best websites in order to secure their future investment. Of there is the importance of the website in the companies.

It is very important for companies to understand the above, since not having a website or failing to have it without any management will have repercussions on the low participation in the online market and will also affect risk factors such as: lack of understanding in communication management, loss of geographic scope and brand credibility; and the most relevant, giving the competition the opportunity to improve and take over the market.

In short, it is essential for companies to have Internet presence since that decision percentage will continue increasingly going up, and the reality is that most consumers are guided by the results given by search engines within the best and most ranked websites in the world, which is transformed into ease, comfort, time and money for both clients and companies.