Water is a vital liquid for our existence and it is our responsibility as a society to protect this resource. Social responsibility is usually attributed only to companies and organizations, but it is everyone’s duty to contribute when is about our environment.

The social responsibility is term a very well-known today and it has different variants, all of them very important as for example environmental social responsibility, which has to do with decisions that affect or may affect our environment.


One of the main responsibilities that we have as a society is the care of water, a very important resource, but we use it inadequate way on many times. It is a shared responsibility as stated UNESCO said. People usually do not value water as it should be, because whenever we need it we have easy access, but according to water.org  organization that seeks to help people to have clean water, for approximately 663 million inhabitants of developing countries the story is very different. These people spend 6 hours per day to get some water.

How to help solve the problem?


You can help with basic things like:

  • Use rainwater for gardens, bathrooms or other trades (Some companies have implemented rainwater systems in their buildings).
  • Ecological washing of the cars to avoid wasting water.
  • Close faucets while using soap in hand washing.


There are many ways to contribute, either as a person or as a company, with actions or contributions to foundations or organizations that work for that cause. That’s why Before Communication is part of social responsibility, and we want to invite you to make part of the change together and to make the planet a better place.


Wilmer Bolívar
Digital Content Analyst