The digital world is moving faster and faster day after day, and more and more companies venture into this world, because as the market has evolved, it is much easier for any person or organization to have a large-scale online presence.

Companies are starting to take advantage of the exponential growth of the Internet and the tools it offers to increase its sales, promote its products and improve its positioning in its target market, which is why, at present, the mastery of digital tools in Communication, in relation to market supply and demand, will largely determine the success of suppliers and customers.


According to a report made this year by the Social Media agency, “we are social”, on the main digital and mobile statistics around the world, some of the main figures are:

  • The Internet has 2.5 billion online users.
  • 1.8 billion are present in Social Networks.
  • The main Social Networks add up to 135 million users.
  • There are 6.6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world.


Here are some of the many benefits offered by the digital world:

  • Customer loyalty. The interaction with customers through Social Networks allows companies to build trusting relationships and improve their products and services, which will promote loyalty and promote viral marketing due to customer satisfaction.


  • Interactivity. The Internet offers us a large number of tools such as the corporate website, social networks, e-mail, among others, which allow companies to create channels to establish a direct relationship with their customers and thus know their needs, concerns, complaints, and any relevant information to implement in your strategic planning.


  • Digital is more profitable than “traditional”. With less investment it is possible to obtain higher results. “40% of companies recognize the savings they get from using digital marketing techniques to promote their products and services. 30% show intention to devote part of their traditional marketing budget to digital strategies “.


  • Increase sales and improve brand positioning. It helps to improve the visibility of the company, which will favor the increase of sales and therefore the brand positioning in its target market.


There are many additional advantages in the digital world in your communication strategy, helping you to have a better knowledge of your market and competition, opportunities to develop new products, conduct market research and always experience new ways of providing satisfaction to your customers, offering each better information to the target audience.



Paula Cruz
Intern Before Communication