Website Use

By visiting the website, Before communication may collect personal information related to sales, marketing, customer service and support areas. The information that will be collected by chat is:

  • Names and Surnames
  • Company Name (If applicable)
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number

Cookies, Cache, Scripts and Related Technologies

By visiting the website, Before Communication and its technological service providers linked to the operation of the website will receive and carry out the record of digital data that users may provide as the IP address.

The technologies used are to keep track on the movements that are made on the website, including cookies, cache, tracking scripts, pixels, tagging technologies and others, which may be used to understand preferences, improve the web experience, etc.
Likewise, users may control the use of cookies and cache through the browser if desired. For more information about cookies or cache you may visit the support pages of your preferred browser and carry out its management of control, disablement or elimination.

Before Communication is not responsible for the management of cookies, caches, scripts and related technologies that are used by the technological development tools, which are used for the creation of websites, whether paid or free and implemented on the websites developed by the agency for its operation.

Likewise, Before Communication works with suppliers of high-quality services and prestige at the international level and who have their own privacy policies and data collecting procedures, which are completely independent and unrelated to Before Communication. For more information send an email to:

Use of Data and Information Collected

The data that is collected through the website, only by browsing without any direct contact, is used to:

  • Improve the user’s browsing experience through data analysis.
  • Analyze and add statistical data for any purpose, since no personal information will be specified.
The information that is collected by chat is to:
  • Carry out the communication process with those users who request information about our service.
  • To understand preferences and improve the web experience.

For more information: Privacy Policy

Dissemination of Data and Information Collected

Before Communication does not sell or disclose information collected through the site, except in the following cases:

  • By working permanently with third-party technology services. We authorize third parties to manage personal information and data only when it is necessary to carry out a processes of installation, support, help or security. Likewise, it is verified that third parties have, manage and execute a Privacy Policy.
  • Information and data requested by any governmental or regulatory entity endorsed by Colombian Law.

Corporate Responsibility

Before Communication informs that its website contains links to external websites, which must have their own privacy policies, treatment and protection of personal information, terms and conditions and other internal policies to which Before Communication does NOT have any kind of scope, relationship or responsibility. Likewise, it is recommended to read the privacy policies and other policies of each website by carrying out a visit.

For more information: Privacy Policy