Currently, the term “SEO positioning” is often used in the digital language and digital management to position brands and companies on the web. This can guarantee the success of a digital strategy if we known exactly what is SEO.

 What is SEO?

It corresponds to the title Search Engine Optimization” and it is the positioning and optimization made in searches or search engines to visualize and provide a website a better position in the organic search results of these. When we talk about organic search results, this is relates to the first results that be located in the first positions in a search engine when you are looking for something on the web and specifically these are not paid as ads or similar (payment of marketing).


In this way, we can understand that it is possible to position the website of your brand or company in the search engines without investing a lot of money, for this, there are tools that work under SEO and to generating great advantages such as a corporate blog where you precisely read this information.


Taking into account that SEO seeks to put your website in the first places when the audience makes searches that are related to what your brand offers, it is necessary to understand that there are two areas in which SEO works to achieve this aim.


  • SEO on-site: to creating the appropriate way in which your website is recognized by the search engine. That is to say, that the search engine understands concretely what your website has and offers. (It is done by the management of Keywords and in general the user experience).
  • SEO off-site: focuses on the number and quality of links, presence in social networks, mentions in local media, etc … factors that are related to the external presence of your website in other websites.


In short, the importance of using SEO in a digital strategy is that it turns your website into a magnet for customers, thanks to the quality of the content that you show in this and the good reputation that you create in search engines to do Useful use of SEO tools.
To Generate content online value will always be rewarded by search engines and with us you can position your website in the best way.


Dayanna Ávila 

Digital Content Analyst