It is very common to hear people talking about corporate social responsibility (CSR) but strangely enough there are companies that have not applied this process within their organizations. Social responsibility can bring many benefits for your company.

Social responsibility is the development of businesses attached to ethical principles and the law, because the company has an important role with the society and the environment in which it is working. CSR is not about becoming in a charity organization, the companies were created to be profitable. What social responsibility really implies is that companies take an active and responsible stance with regard to their operations. This guarantees your company greater long-term sustainable development and even economic growth.


To understand easily, social responsibility is all that the company does to achieve a balance between economic growth, social welfare and the use of natural resources and the environment. It makes companies part of the solution of social problems; also it is a personal benefit for enterprises because they will have their environment more stable to work in the best way possible.

Benefits of corporate social responsibility

  • Loyalty of your clients
  • Credibility with society and the market
  • Higher productivity
  • Access to new markets


In summary, CSR is a culture that you can adapt to your company and that will be very helpful in different aspects. Currently more than a decision is a requirement for any company that wants to stay, grow or undertake in any way. Before Communication knows the importance of these processes in your company and that is why we want to inform you about everything related to CSR and we want to support you with all our services to achieve an integral improvement for your business.


Wilmer Bolívar

Digital Content Analyst